Protection Warrior Raid Soloing Guide

Why? Because it’s challenging. Because it’s fun. Because there may be some awesome loot drops. Personally, I do it for the fun and challenge; it’s also quite cathartic to solo-kill a boss that gave...


Initial thoughts on patch 8.3

MANY SPOILERS AHEAD! Intro Questline There’s a LOT going on here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was definitely a bit underwhelmed by the Nazjatar intro questline in 8.2, which seemed to boil...


Transmog Wishlist

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a bit of a transmog fiend. Hell, I even created a transmog database website that’s probably way more effort than it’s worth! Thus, I...


Why I’m Not Going To Play Classic

NOTE: These are MY opinions, and mine alone. I am well aware that my reasons for NOT liking Classic are the same reasons that many love it, and vice versa. Classic is/was a product...


The Unsoloable: Legion Edition

Emerald Nightmare Ursoc (Mythic) Mythic Ursoc hits so damn hard. I think my best attempt was at ilevel 440, and I got him down to 20 percent or so. This WILL be soloable eventually,...


Confessions of a Clicker

“fucking keybind.” “lool stop clicker.” “Guy clicks his spells nice.” These are just a few of the “anti-clicker” comments I’ve received on my recent raid boss soloing videos. In fact, these sentiments actually represent...


Thoughts on Battle for Azeroth

Introduction I am but a humble Protection Warrior, a button-clicker, and a filthy casual with no aspirations of legendary parses or +17 speed runs. I raid Normal difficulty four hours a week (at most),...


Quick Soloing Guide: Antorus

Garothi Worldbreaker Felhounds of Sargeras Antoran High Command Portal Keeper Hasabel Imonar Kin’garoth Varimathras Aggramar Argus


Quick Soloing Guide: Nighthold

Skorpyron Chronomatic Anomaly Trilliax Spellblade Aluriel Krosus Tichondrius Star Augur Etraeus High Botanist Tel’arn Grand Magistrix Elisande Gul’dan