Protection Warrior Raid Soloing Guide

SOON TO BE UPDATED FOR SHADOWLANDS! Why? Because it’s challenging. Because it’s fun. Because there may be some awesome loot drops. Personally, I do it for the fun and challenge; it’s also quite cathartic...


Of Scaling and Squishing

As you might know, I have a wee obsession with soloing old raid content and transmog/mount farming; I like to think I’m decent at it (check out my soloing progress here). You might also...


Horrific Visions: Worth It?

What Are They? They’re a glimpse of a future in which N’Zoth has won and has fully corrupted your favorite faction capital cities (and presumably the rest of Azeroth). Everything is dark and purple,...


Initial thoughts on patch 8.3

MANY SPOILERS AHEAD! Intro Questline There’s a LOT going on here, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was definitely a bit underwhelmed by the Nazjatar intro questline in 8.2, which seemed to boil...


Transmog Wishlist

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a bit of a transmog fiend. Hell, I even created a transmog database website that’s probably way more effort than it’s worth! Thus, I...


Why I’m Not Going To Play Classic

NOTE: These are MY opinions, and mine alone. I am well aware that my reasons for NOT liking Classic are the same reasons that many love it, and vice versa. Classic is/was a product...


The Unsoloable: Legion Edition

Emerald Nightmare Ursoc (Mythic) Mythic Ursoc hits so damn hard. I think my best attempt was at ilevel 440, and I got him down to 20 percent or so. This WILL be soloable eventually,...


Confessions of a Clicker

“fucking keybind.” “lool stop clicker.” “Guy clicks his spells nice.” These are just a few of the “anti-clicker” comments I’ve received on my recent raid boss soloing videos. In fact, these sentiments actually represent...


Thoughts on Battle for Azeroth

Introduction I am but a humble Protection Warrior, a button-clicker, and a filthy casual with no aspirations of legendary parses or +17 speed runs. I raid Normal difficulty four hours a week (at most),...


Quick Soloing Guide: Antorus

Garothi Worldbreaker Felhounds of Sargeras Antoran High Command Portal Keeper Hasabel Imonar Kin’garoth Varimathras Aggramar Argus