Transmog Wishlist

If you know me at all, you know that I’m a bit of a transmog fiend. Hell, I even created a transmog database website that’s probably way more effort than it’s worth! Thus, I have a few opinions about the current system, and some features that I think would improve it considerably.

Legacy Loot

Back in the day, Blizzard converted ALL loot to the Personal Loot system. This essentially broke transmog collecting from old content, as Personal Loot drop rates for a solo player are VERY low AND only drop loot for your selected spec. To ameliorate this, the Legacy Loot system was implemented. Legacy Loot keeps the Personal Loot system for old content, but allows items to drop for ANY class and spec while increasing the number of dropped items to what it would have been if you were running with a full party/raid group. The system MOSTLY works, but it doesn’t allow transmog farming from the expansion immediately preceding the current one, since it defines old content as content that’s ELEVEN or more levels below your character’s level. This means that, right now, a max-level character will only see farmable loot from Warlords of Draenor content. As someone who can easily clear most Legion raids on at least Normal (if not Heroic or Mythic, depending), this is quite frustrating. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind the system is, but I don’t like it. If I can farm old content for transmog without resorting to dumb-ass exploits, let me get loot for doing so. Bottom line: my wish is for old content to be defined as any content from the previous expansion (y’know, OLD) and earlier for the purposes of Legacy Loot.

Transmog UI

The transmog UI has seen quite a few changes since it was introduced, and it has become fairly robust. HOWEVER, there are a few features I’d love to see implemented:

  • Support for world/quest/dungeon/lookalike sets. The current UI only shows completion information for a limited number of sets that are specific to your class (basically just raid tier and PvP sets). Lookalike sets (sets that duplicate the appearances of another class’ tier set) don’t show up, though these are legitimate sets for mogging. The same is true of sets obtainable from dungeons, questing, and world drops. An addon called MogIt can show you all of the pieces from these types of sets, but only by using outdated (pre-BFA) sub-modules that tap into WoWhead set lists. I’d be thrilled to have these sets be viewable/equippable as part of the base UI!
  • Support for incomplete sets. Under the Set tab, you can equip an entire set with one click, IF you own the entire set (and the UI supports it, as mentioned above). Haven’t been able to get those T11 bracers yet? You’ll have to manually equip the set piece by piece. Have all of your T11 set but the bracers, but you have the lookalike set bracers with the identical appearance? Too bad, they don’t count. In my ideal world, you could equip an incomplete set with a click, and the system would simply leave the missing pieces mogged (or unmogged) as they are.

Legendaries (not the Legion ones, the GOOD ones)

Let me transmog my weapons to Thunderfury, dagnabbit! I put in the work to get it, so why can’t I transmog it? I’ve never seen a reasonable explanation for why we can’t mog legendaries, other than the weaksauce “that makes them less special”. Um, how, exactly? You still have to have collected the piece, so you can’t possibly see more Thunderfuries around than have been earned. Right now, the only way to show off an old legendary is to actually equip it, which is fine if you’re a bank alt or an RPer, but kind of pointless if you want to set up a cool transmog set for raid night. Free the legendaries!

Wardrobes/Outfit Racks

This, but with transmog outfits.

You know those tiny armor racks that were tucked away in your class halls in Legion? The ones that displayed certain tier sets IF you’d collected each piece AND they weren’t bugged (I had one set that would not display despite having everything)? I want a whole bunch of those, larger than life, capable of displaying custom outfits WITH weapons and shields. I’m not sure WHERE they would go; I had hoped for something similar when garrisons were announced, but clearly that didn’t happen. I don’t think we’ll EVER see player housing in WoW, so that’s not an option. Maybe in a super awesome guild hall feature several expansions from now? Who knows? I still want it, though.

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