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BFA LFR Soloing Tips

Now that Battle for Azeroth instances are on the Legacy Loot system, it’s time to farm ALL THE TRANSMOG, right? Well, maybe. BFA raid bosses are still pretty tough, and without the hidden legacy...


Slime Serpent!

So, you want a fancy new Slime Serpent mount? Set your Dungeon Difficulty to Heroic, get yourself prepared with as many mobility/self-heal tools as you can manage, make sure you’re NOT in a party...


Of Scaling and Squishing

As you might know, I have a wee obsession with soloing old raid content and transmog/mount farming; I like to think I’m decent at it (check out my soloing progress here). You might also...


The Unsoloable: Legion Edition

Emerald Nightmare Ursoc (Mythic) Mythic Ursoc hits so damn hard. I think my best attempt was at ilevel 440, and I got him down to 20 percent or so. This WILL be soloable eventually,...


Quick Soloing Guide: Antorus

Garothi Worldbreaker Felhounds of Sargeras Antoran High Command Portal Keeper Hasabel Imonar Kin’garoth Varimathras Aggramar Argus


Quick Soloing Guide: Nighthold

Skorpyron Chronomatic Anomaly Trilliax Spellblade Aluriel Krosus Tichondrius Star Augur Etraeus High Botanist Tel’arn Grand Magistrix Elisande Gul’dan