A case for loosening transmog restrictions

Pop quiz! Which sets are the following plate shoulders from?

Wrong! Only one of these pieces are actually plate!

Let’s try another. Can you tell me which armor class each of these helms are?

What’s my point? Merely that the visual distinctions between gear of different armor classes are not only ill-defined, but often downright misleading. The common knowledge that Plate pieces are made of metal and spikes while Cloth pieces are, well, cloth tends to fall apart as designs become more and more detailed. The current design philosophy seems to be themed appearances within a tier (raid, dungeon, PVP, or questing) with obvious faction differences rather than armor class identity. Thus, I have a tiny feature request:

Remove armor class-based transmog restrictions. If my warrior wants to transmog into a particularly vicious-looking pair of cloth shoulders, she should be able to do so. If my priest wants to sport the plate hoodie from Hellfire Citadel, why not?

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