Shadowlands bonus IDs for weapons:




  • LFR: 4186
  • Normal: 0
  • Heroic: 4188
  • Mythic: 4187
  • Elite PvP: 7143




There are two Unchained Gladiator sets: one is bone/purple, the other is gray/blue (see below). The latter is likely for an Elite set, but has no Wowhead data at this time.




UsedNot used




Wowhead has incorrect item data for the Resounding Rings set from MoP: the Normal set has all LFR items, and vice versa. Heroic is fine.




When entering Siege of Orgrimmar sets, Wowhead has two versions of each piece, one of which is No Longer Available (due to the changes in raid sizes at the time). In general, the second listed item on Wowhead will be the one that's currently in-game. in the list below, the circled items are valid in-game (and are preferred for entry into this site).




Circled items still exist


Code for the Appearance/Item Header:


<div style="text-align:left;">
function get_node_count() {
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function get_lookalike_count() {
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 echo "<i>&nbsp;" . get_node_count() . ' unique appearances representing '. get_lookalike_count() . ' items!' . "</i>";