TypePriceWhat You Get
Digital$40 USDFull resolution .JPG and .PNG files of the badge,
plus an unframed version for avatars, etc.
Physical$50 USDSame as digital, plus laminating, shipping,
and hole punched for lanyard
If this is a NPC, who is it?
Max file size is 512 MB. Upload a screenshot of your character for reference (optional).
Specific gear pieces, facial expressions, background color(s), and such. Try to keep it reasonable!
Any additional information you'd like me to know.

Terms of Service

Artist Conditions
  • I do not take NSFW commissions, so please don’t ask.
  • Art takes time. I will try to finish your commission in a timely fashion, but I don’t do “rush” requests.
  • I will post WIPs and final images on social media (Twitter, Patreon, et cetera) unless you explicitly request otherwise (perhaps the piece is a surprise gift).
  • I will send you a PayPal invoice once I accept your commission. Work will begin once payment is received.
  • Prices may increase if the commission is exceptionally detailed. Both the artist and the client must agree on any such changes.
  • I will send you periodic WIP updates.
Client Conditions
  • Payment(s) will be made via PayPal. Tips are MUCH appreciated, but not expected or required.
  • Prices may increase if the commission is exceptionally detailed. Both the artist and the client must agree on any such changes.
  • The client may request minor changes as desired based on the work-in-progress. Larger requested changes may be made at the artist's discretion.
Artist Rights
  • All rights and ownership of the artwork remain with the artist.
  • The artist has the right to alter, modify and post the illustration on social media/Patreon, sell it in shops (such as Redbubble), create merchandise, etc.
  • The artist will credit the client in promotional materials where feasible and/or upon request.
Client Rights
  • Commissioned art is for personal use only.
  • The client cannot alter, modify, distribute or use commissioned art for commercial purposes (unless this is agreed upon by both parties). This includes but is not limited to: selling the artwork in any way shape or form, using the artwork as a business logo, using the artwork to promote your business/book/website etc. Exceptions must be agreed upon before work begins.
  • Limited usage license is given to the client - you can use your art as your social media avatar, wear it proudly at conventions, use it on personal Web pages, print it out and hang it up on your wall, and so on.
  • The client may make minor alterations to the art, such as resizing/cropping or adding text. The client may NOT edit out the artist's signature.
  • The client may request that the artist not use their art for promotions or merchandise.